. Making Money With Alladvantage

Making Money With AllAdvantage

A lot of people have asked how to make money using AllAdvantage. The first check I got from them total a paltry $25.19, but the next is a little better at $246.84. November should put that number around the $400 range, at least. If I just keep it at around $400 per month, that's about $5000 extra income per year. Not too bad considering how very little effort goes into it.

There are basically only 2 main things to take care of to make a good steady, ever increasing supplemental income with Alladvantage: Surfing and Referring.

1. Surfing

AllAdvantage currently pays you to surf up to 25 hours per month (they plan to raise that to 40 hours per month soon). It is VERY easy to fill up those hours. How many of us don't spend at least 25 hours per month surfing? That comes out to about 6 hours per week or so. This is what you do:

  1. Start up your internet access (for those of you lucky enough to have a permanent connection, you can bypass this step)

  2. Start up the AllAdvantage Viewbar

  3. Start your browser. At this point, the RED box at the upper left of the viewbar should turn GREEN. This means you're being paid for the time. The browser MUST be the top process for you to get paid. If the box isn't Green, you aren't getting paid. Here's what I mean, this first picture is not counting your hours:

This second picture shows a green box at the upper left, meaning these hours are being counted towards your total:

How does AllAdvantage make money and how does it make you money? Well the Viewbar shows banner ads which AllAdvantage sells to big internet companies like Dell, Gateway, Netscape, Priceline.com, etc.. By running the Viewbar, you are helping AllAdvantage sell more banners and they're willing to give you and the people you sign up a share of that money.

Yes, the advertising bar is a bit annoying if you have a small monitor (like the one I sometimes use). I know what some of you are thinking. You're thinking "I'll just leave this thing running while I'm asleep and let it rack up time!" However, the Viewbar can tell if you've stop surfing. It does this by checking your mouse movements. If you don't move the mouse within 2 minutes, it will think you're away from your comp and the green light will go red.

To get around this, some people use a program like trembler that moves your mouse for you. They would do the first 3 steps outlined above and then start trembler, check Tremble!, and then bring the browser back to the front. They would do this before going to sleep, and just let it run while they're in bed snoozing, and turn it off in the morning when they get up. 2-3 nights of this and they'd be set for the whole month!

However, this is a breach of contract with AllAdvantage, and they will cancel your account if they catch you doing this. What's the chance of them doing that? Practically zilch. But we do not recommend you do such a dastardly deed. That is naughty naughty naughty to do something that easy or recommend others to do such. If we catch you using that program or any like it, we'll spank you quite soundly, and believe you me, our hands were made for spanking. I mean um, nevermind.

2. Referring

If you want to make some serious money with AllAdvantage, this step is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL. You get paid $.50 for every hour up to 25 hours/month for your personal surfing. However, you get paid $.10 for every hour for people you referred when they surf, and $.05 for every hour for people they referred DOWN TO 4 LEVELS. There is no cap on how much you can make because of this. An example should help explain this.

Let say you sign up for an AllAdvantage account and you referred 10 people who signed up. Let's assume those 10 people didn't do as good as you and only referred 5 people who signed up. Let's assume those 5 people are pretty lazy and only get 3 people to sign up and those 3 people only get 2 more. Last but not least, those 2 are able to sign up just 1 person each. Your network would then look something like this:

  • You (1 person)
  • Direct referrals: 10 people (you signed up 10 people)
  • Level 1 indirect referrals: 50 people (you direct referrals each signed up 5 new people)
  • Level 2 indirect referrals: 150 people (the 50 people from level 1 each signed up 3 new people)
  • Level 3 indirect referrals: 300 people (the 150 people from level 2 each signed up 2 new people)
  • Level 4 indirect referrals: 300 people (the 300 people from level 3 each sign up 1 new person)

In this example you would have 811 people in your network including yourself. Not bad for signing up just 10 people! If everyone in your network surfs the maximum 25 hours per month, here's how much you can make.

  • You: $12.50 (50 per hour X 25 hours)
  • Direct referral: $25.00 (10 per hour X 25 hours X 10 people)
  • Level 1 Indirect: $62.50 (5 per hour X 25 hours X 50 people)
  • Level 2 Indirect: $187.50 (5 per hour X 25 hours X 150 people)
  • Level 3 Indirect: $375.00 (5 per hour X 25 hours X 300 people)
  • Level 4 Indirect: $375.00 (5 per hour X 25 hours X 300 people)

Total monthly income: $1,037.50

Of course the above is just an example. In real life it never works out like this. Some people will sign up more and some will sign up less. However it go to show you the potential for this system. The bottom line is there's a great multiplying of your effort because others will do the same thing you do. Here's something that might make you drop your jaw or stand up and take notice.

Top 10 Referring Members as of 12/4/99
Rank  Member  State Country Member Since Total Referrals Direct Referrals Extended Referrals
1 ***-542 TX United States April 1999 30472 14118 16354
2 ***-943 CA United States March 1999 28623 649 27974
3 ***-585 OH United States April 1999 23905 442 23463
4 ***-000 IL United States May 1999 21934 5237 16697
5 ***-903 OH United States April 1999 19916 7168 12748
6 ***-625 -- Sweden March 1999 19032 1001 18031
7 ***-211 KS United States March 1999 17976 13 17963
8 ***-380 AK United States March 1999 17421 2 17419
9 ***-693 -- United Kingdom April 1999 16168 3871 12297
10 ***-024 AZ United States March 1999 16067 6750 9317

I'll leave it up to you to try and figure out how much money the member from TX is making with 30,472 referrals. Of course he would have more than this by now because that was last updated 12/4/99. Note that the person rank number 8 only signed up 2 people, but those 2 people went on to sign up 17,419 people!! If you were the person who signed up those 2, you would benefit from the 17,000 people those 2 signed up!

Like I said before, there are people running around making thousands and thousands (even 10's of thousands) per month with AllAdvantage, with many people making several hundred per month. Is this some illegal pyramid scheme? No, it's not. You're buying nothing, and you're not trying to get anyone else to buy anything. Surfing is something you're doing anyway, so you might as well get paid to do it. It's that simple.

There are 2 things that makes up an illegal pyramid scheme. One: a head hunting fee. This means that someone has to pay to join and the person who sign you up gets money for signing you up. AllAdvantage is free to join and the person who signs you up doesn't get any signing bonus. The second requirement for an illegal pyramid is call inventory loading. This is where a person is forced to buy a large amount of goods to stay in the system. AllAdvantage doesn't sell anything to you and they don't force you to surf. If you don't want to make money, just don't run the Viewbar when you're surfing. AllAdvantage is a perfectly legal network marketing company.

Let's look at how you go about referring people. You want to send people to the right place so you get the credit for signing them up. You want to send them to:


Just fill in those X's with your member ID. For instance, mine is:


Pretty easy, right? OK, let's go on to the next step. How to refer people?

Well, the easiest way is to get a website. If you have a website that is generating even moderate traffic, you can get quite a few referrals easily. Banners DO NOT generate the results you want. You have to write some text on why you've joined or why you believe it works. We're giving you license to download the picture of the check they sent us, as well as the monthly statements (ie. October) to prove to people that AllAdvantage is legitimate (as long as you don't modify the pictures without asking us first). This should help you quite a bit, as it has helped us. Our referral pool is growing by 50 to 100 people PER DAY since we've posted this deal on the website, and that's really helping to pay our bills here (BTW, thanks A LOT everyone!).

If you don't have a website, you can still refer a lot of people. The most important thing to remember is DON'T SPAM. You WILL get your account revoked if you do. This includes posting on BBS's, forum's, and mass emailing. However, two things I have found to be very effective is targeted email and ICQ. Check out what other members are doing to get referrals here.

The best way to start is by emailing friends that you know who use the computer and internet. Everyone wants to make a little extra cash, especially when it's easy. This is a great way to do it. Just write to them and tell them what you've found. You can also attach a picture of my check to prove that it's for real (many people have a hard time believing that companies will actually pay for this). I'll scan in this October's $246.84 check when it becomes available. Don't forget to provide a direct link for them to sign up under you.

As always, if you have any questions or need some help, please feel free to email me. Thanks again for your support; let's see how much we can grab from AllAdvantage!

One last thing, AllAdvantage currently pays for surfing in the US, UK and Canada. If you live outside these countries, they will not pay you for surfing. However you are free to join and sign up people who lives in the US, UK and Canada and make referral money off their surfing. AllAdvantage will be opening in more countries soon. The sooner you get in, the better.

Sign up for your AllAdvantage account here.